3D Fire & Gas Mapping Consulting Service

3D Fire & Gas Mapping/ Coverage Assessment tool was developed to assess and optimise F&G detector coverages quantitatively. Our approach utilises TRUE 3D PDMS modelling projection of onshore/offshore facility’s model (as-built for brownfield & as-designed for greenfield projects). The results of the analysis are presented in 3D environment and can be incorporated to the PDMS Model, as a design review & technical input to our clients.

This application tool was developed according to international guidelines including, but not limited to:

  • DEP Shell Design and Engineering Practise: Fire, Gas and Smoke Detection Systems
  • PTS Petronas Technical Standards: Fire, Gas and Smoke Detection Systems
  • BP GP 30-85: BP Guidance on Practise for Fire and Gas Detection
  • OTO 93 002 HSE UK Offshore Technology Report: Offshore Gas Detector Sitting Criterion Investigation of Detector Spacing

The tool allows clients to set/define performance targets of F&G detector coverages according to clients’ and project specific requirements; as well as project philosophy. This will define the basis of the F&G mapping, and further recommendations will be proposed based on the quantitative results of the analysis.
Coverage ‘modules’ of individual types of detectors were developed based on respective detection scheme and profile of detector types. Consideration of physical blockages and air movement of a particular area of assessment are calculated in 3D perspective projection model. These measurements will contribute to the real coverage capability of each detector in their respective locations.

3D Fire & Gas Mapping establishes/outputs:

  • basis or defined performance targets of F&G detector coverages
  • calculated F&G coverage of ‘as-designed’ facility
  • proposed new/optimised locations (in 3D) of F&G devices to meet performance targets
  • proposed optimised quantity of F&G devices to meet performance targets